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About to watch #Football Focus
in NY using @UKTV Everywhere amazing device.
Highly recommend to all
Brits living abroad.

~ Tweet by Piers Morgan

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  • Watch English Channels Live on your TV Anywhere in the world.
    3 Great channel packages to choose from!
    A cable TV style Remote Set-top box that connects to your tv and receives up to 100 Premium British tv channels live anywhere in the world.

  • UKTVEverywhere is a state of the art TV system that enables you to watch all your favourite British TV channels, right from the comfort of your couch, anywhere in the world, as if you were watching back home in Great Britain.

    Works Anywhere on Earth!
    Simple and Affordable!
  • HDMI & WIFI Compatible!
    Easy & Fast to Setup
    The box connects to any WIFI network worldwide with the optional wifi dongle available for purchase.
  • Automatic Recording
    Full 10 Day
    Go Back in Time Feature
    The box automatically records every program on almost every channel for 10 days. To watch any program that previously aired, simply scroll back in time and hit play!

  • We have satisfied customers all over the world, and we are so confident that you will love our service, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

    14 Day Money Back Guarantee!
    No Risk!


UKTVEVERYWHERE.COM has revolutionized the way you watch British television abroad, with a state of the art TV system that enables you to watch all your favourite English TV channels, right from the comfort  of your couch, as if you were watching back home in Great Britain.

From Eastenders to Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Match of the Day. If its on TV in England, then it’s on your TV here.

Not to be confused with old fashioned sling boxes or VPN systems, our system uses feeds that come directly from the UK, and require nothing more than a TV and a broadband internet connection. We do not buy feeds from third parties nor do we just connect to existing services like BBC iplayer, this is a closed, private system, with multiple servers around the world that is only available to our viewers. Because of this we can offer you fast, reliable, high quality TV streams directly to your box, anywhere on the planet.

Our system not only streams 80 UK television channels, and 100 UK radio stations directly to you, but it also automatically records 10 days of past television on dozens of channels, making time zone difference irrelevant. All these past programs are available to you anytime at the click of a button, through our full, one month comprehensive on screen TV program guide which features program names and full program descriptions. Not only that, our box allows you to plug a flash drive into the USB port on the front of the box and save any program for viewing at a later date on the box or on any computer.

No more being hunched over a laptop, or trailing wires across the room. Our tiny, wireless, HD box plugs directly into your TV for comfortable, convenient and enjoyable remote control viewing, anywhere. Use it at home, at the office, even in a hotel room while on holiday or away on business. All you need is a TV and a broadband internet connection.

The monthly subscription is conveniently set up and paid through paypal, keeping your credit card  information safe and your transactions secure. No contract. Cancel or suspend your service anytime!

Check out our available channels packages.